When it comes to small businesses, having a flexible workspace is an essential tool. We help to manage costs while you grow. Also letting you focus on what’s most important for your business through our business setup packages.

What We Do

Green Space tailor business setup packages are set up to suit your individual requirements, with maximum flexibility. We provide it by giving you access to in-house experts in licensing, banking, trademarks, visas, and information technology. We are the experts, so you don’t have to be.


Contact us to see for quick site visit nearest to your place.

What Do We Provide

24/7 access to office

Elegantly fitted office spaces

Premium Furniture

High-speed internet with WIFI access

Covered parking facility available


Dedicated business phone line with Unlimited Landline calling (Can create multiple extensions)

Fully equipped pantry with refreshments

Wide lounge and receiving area

Conference and meeting room

shared Reception and free basic Admin support

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If you’ve got questions or ideas you would like to share, send a message. For anything more specific, please use one of the addresses listed below.

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